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Essential Oil Treatments

Essential Oil products and treatments support your physical and emotional needs

• Do you need a health boost?
• Do you want an alternative to modern medicine?
• Do you need to detoxify your system?
• Do you want to feel well and not run down?

Essential Oils:
* are unique, natural compounds extracted from various parts of plants
* have been part of the health and wellness of many cultures throughout history
* balance, cleanse and detoxify our bodies naturally
* support body systems/functions in harmony with our body with a wide range of emotional and physical wellness applications

At 7 Tree we are offering treatments to support your specific body systems and functions (respiratory, immune, digestive, etc). Specific essential oils are applied along the spine and bottoms of the feet, massaged in, then intensified with a heating pad. You may choose a body treatment or a hand treatment – whichever you are comfortable with.

Custom made essential oil blends in roller bottles are used and can instantly lift your mood and change your perspective. We also have many pre-made blends for purchase.

The Essential Yoga workshop is a monthly themed yoga sequence that includes specifically chosen oils to enhance the physical and emotional experience. Weaving essential oils into your yoga practice can deepen and expand your experience with just a few powerful, healing drops.
An Essential Oil Treatment is an extremely relaxing essential oil application, meant to help bring harmony physically, emotionally and spiritually within the body. The specific application protocol is chosen in consultation with the client, based on the area of the body most in need of support.
Clients relax in our comfy recliner and a specific series of 10 oils are gently massaged onto their hands. Warm cloths are then wrapped around them to help the oils absorb and intensify.