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Integrative health and healing services

You deserve to be supported. You deserve to do something to put you first. You are worth the time and effort to heal and work through your trauma, pain, and challenges. You will walk away from each session with a new skill you can use to cope with everything you have going on. You are just as important as work, or those you care for, and it’s critical that you are heard, and supported as well.
We are in unprecedented times. Never before for many of us have we seen this level of Compassion Fatigue (empathy/compassion burnout). Our front line workers are stretched to their limits. We can work together to find ways to cope with each area of stress in your job. In a session I will support you by helping you maximize and balance your energy - input vs output, and to learn to truly take care of yourself first, so that you can then care for your loved ones, or for those you work with.
The Essential Yoga workshop is a monthly themed yoga sequence that includes specifically chosen oils to enhance the physical and emotional experience. Weaving essential oils into your yoga practice can deepen and expand your experience with just a few powerful, healing drops.
My experience and training in crisis management as well as working as a mental health first responder has taught me the extreme importance of everyone having someone in their corner - a professional they can safely talk to and connect with during these critical times.
For many in the aging population, mobility, functional strength, and weight loss are common goals. This training service allows a safe, confidential and supportive environment for all.
An Essential Oil Treatment is an extremely relaxing essential oil application, meant to help bring harmony physically, emotionally and spiritually within the body. The specific application protocol is chosen in consultation with the client, based on the area of the body most in need of support.
Clients relax in our comfy recliner and a specific series of 10 oils are gently massaged onto their hands. Warm cloths are then wrapped around them to help the oils absorb and intensify.