7 Tree Integrative Health Centre

Grounded, connected, growing together

Steve Marlin

My name is Steve Marlin and I am thrilled to be able to offer 7 Tree to this community with our incredible team. I believe that we are all in the right time and the right place to be bringing a variety of effective methods for health and healing to everyone in our community and to others remotely.

I bring to the table vast experience and knowledge in both the physical and mental health fields.
I am a person who brings great depth to the table through a collection of experiences across my lifetime – all adding to the person I am today and all integrated into the work I will do with you.
My professional journey includes graduating from the University of Western Ontario in Psychology, completing certification as a Clinical Traumatologist, being a certified personal trainer with specializations working with those with chronic pain as well as seniors, working extensively with youth at risk and people with developmental challenges and complex diagnoses and supporting adults through mental health crisis. I am also trained in classical violin, played competitive hockey, and am a musician who integrates music into my professional practice along with its profound healing impact.

As someone who has survived trauma myself, who is an adopted person and who has persevered through athletic injuries – my lived experience, paired with my education, allows clients to connect with myself and themselves in a deep way.

My approach is centred around creating a safe, and trusting space for you to share your personal journey. In addition, I bring my real authentic self into my work with you, through openness, transparency and presence.

I offer the following integrative services:

Personal Training (trauma-informed option, chronic pain or senior specialization), Compassion Fatigue Support (caring for the caregiver), Crisis Management Planning (individual, couples, family), Adoption Support Specialist.

It is an honor to do what I do – to be a small part of amazing transformations is truly inspiring and is what I am passionate about.

I believe in my core that everyone deserves to be supported in their most painful moments and to experience meaningful and purposeful healing. I also believe that this can be accomplished through talking with a professional and/or through the power of physical fitness though the body.

Rachael Narozanski


I fell in love with yoga at Shambhala, a lovely little yoga studio in Singapore, while I was teaching French overseas. I discovered that yoga provided the opportunity to improve my flexibility and my strength – physical traits I had had as a young athlete, but found much more challenging to maintain as an adult.

Yoga also taught me the importance of meditation, or just taking the time to settle into silence long enough to hear my inner guidance. I took my yoga teacher training in 2016-17 through Buddha Rider in Collingwood. I look forward to sharing my love of this beautiful healing practice with you. Namaste!

And Essential Oils? I am a nature nut, and wholly believe in the power of healing through nature. The natural chemical compounds of essential oils can support our body’s physical and emotional healing process. They are an instant mood adjuster, and they smell amazing! I am currently studying Aromatherapy through the Aromahead Institute. Come and experience a Symphony of the Cells treatment!

Are you a beginner?

I am particularly passionate in supporting those new to yoga or using natural healing remedies. I know that it can be very difficult to begin something new, to trust it, to join a yoga class full of those who know what they are doing. In my one on one classes, you will feel comfortable and I will explain everything to you. If you are new to oils, I will explain – step by step- what we are doing and why to educate you and ensure that you are completely comfortable with the process

Rachael Chapman

I have proudly been part of the local spiritual community for the past fourteen years.
As a previous owner of Believe Meditation Products I am excited to provide my services and products to the community once again along side the amazing team at 7 Tree.

My own journey began as a personal quest for health and healing after a life-altering diagnosis of PTSD. With the help of my friends and spiritual community, I began learning about the benefits that meditation, energy work, and natural products can have on improving mental health.

After experiencing firsthand the positive impact alternate therapies made in my life I trained and became a Reiki Master (Usui method of healing). While training I discovered that I was intuitive, empathic, and that I had a strong ability to feel and work with energy. I found my passion in helping others and I began teaching and assisting others who were on their own healing journey.
When l am not at work I can be found in my garden, creating natural products or spending time with my family.

Kim Ball

Hi! I’m Kim, a compassionate, open-hearted Clinical Somatic Educator and Somatics Movement Coach committed to helping humans move better, feel better and live better.

For years I searched for something that would reduce stress, relieve pain, and improve mobility and strength. On the journey of my own healing I discovered that Clinical Somatics Education (in the tradition of Thomas Hanna) was the missing link for me.

Clinical Somatics is a movement based therapy that asks us to observe from within those areas of our body where we feel freedom of movement and those areas where we feel restricted due to chronic tension.

Working from the center of the body – the core – we begin to release the large muscles through a sequence of safe and gentle movements. These movements are based on a series of patterns that are seen in the body. These patterns are strong reflexes that are “hard-wired” into the sensory-motor nervous system.

Through developing awareness of the brain to muscle connection, Clinical Somatic Education helps you to release tension, and also anger, frustration and other emotions that we may accumulate in our body just by living and moving through life! The goal is to help free you from the stress and pain that is preventing you from fully engaging in your life.

Somatics teaches me every day to let go of what is not serving me well. It helps build confidence, renew a sense of self and reclaim personal empowerment by learning to move more freely, with less restriction.

I am passionate about helping others reclaim the power of their own body and discover that there is no end to self-improvement.

Jenna Vandermay

Jenna Vandermay


My name is Jenna and I am a registered CYA-E-RYT550 yoga instructor. I have over 600 hours in advanced yoga training and a deep passion for helping my community heal through mindful movement and meditation. I was introduced to yoga seven years ago on my own path to recovery and wellness. This in depth practice helped me strengthen the connection between mind and body, and release stress that I know longer needed to carry. My goal is to offer the same opportunities for healing and growth to those in the community who need it most.

As a passionate mental health advocate I specialize in teaching trauma informed yoga and breath awareness. I strive to provide a safe and inclusive space for everyone and offer classes that will support every age group. Some of my practices include Trauma Sensitive Yoga, Meditation & Breath Work, Yoga Through the Ages (65+), Hatha Yoga, Mindful Movement and Kids Yoga. I am offering these as group classes, as well as in private and semi private settings. I welcome you as a beginner or an experienced Yoga practitioner. I believe that together, as a community, when we hold space for one another in a safe and supportive environment we can make the world a better place. Healing our communities begins at home and it begins with you. We are all worth it.

Amy Van Leeuwen

We are so excited to welcome Amy to the 7 Tree team! Amy is a Speech Language Pathologist with many years of experience and specializations making her an amazing asset to our team and community! Amy’s bio and background to be posted soon.

Amy is now ready to work with members of the Grey/Bruce community providing speech/language support! If you would like to set up services with Amy, please contact 7 Tree at 7treeinc@gmail.com and we will connect you to Amy.

Lucy Marlin

We are so excited to be able to offer 7 Tree, and our amazing team and services, to our beautiful community. We believe that together, we can strive to support any and all community members toward a life of wholeness, good health and embodied humanity. Further, we truly feel that if we do this, connected, not only do we become stronger as individuals but we are also part of creating stronger, healthier community.

I am a Registered Psychotherapist with a private practice, Live In Light Counselling Services, that serves the general public as well as military and veterans and their families. I have been practicing since 2005 when I graduated from McGill with a Masters in Counselling Psychology and prior, an Honours Bachelor of Science in Physiology & and Psychology [Neuroscience]. I have worked with many populations including those with complex diagnoses, military and cPTSD, developmental delay, Tourette’s syndrome, traumatic brain injury and have worked with non-verbal clients. More recently my specializations have been in working with trauma processing, youth at risk and retirement transition.

Across my lifetime I have had extensive lived experience with trauma and mental health challenges and their impact on all things in all realms. My own personal path through it all greatly shapes and fills out my education and practice. At 7 Tree – a pre-requisite for all our staff is that they too have ‘walked the walk’ and are devoted to continued personal growth.

I have always been fascinated at the connection between our bodies and our minds, our thoughts.
Through my career it has become very clear to me that talk therapies can be highly beneficial, useful and healing – however, it is also clear to me just how important other healing modalities are that work with the body. Leaders the field of trauma such as Bessel Van Der Kolk, Gabor Mate, Peter Lavine – have all been very influential in recent years describing, in scientific terms, that the body in fact carries our traumas and so, must be integrated into any effective healing method.

I believe that we must attend to all parts of ourselves, the body, the spirit, the mind – to support healing and to fully be who we are meant to be. This is why I am so excited about 7 Tree. Here we can offer many health & healing methods to support you to attend to your body, your spirit, yourself.

My role here at 7 Tree has been largely administrative, however, in time, I will be co-faciliating groups such as sound healing, drumming circles, meditation and music.

Our vision is to offer a variety of services that attend to the body, the spirit, the mind across realms. I am truly honoured to be a part of this team.