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Compassion Fatigue Recovery - Group Workshop

We are in unprecedented times. Never before for many of us have we seen this level of Compassion Fatigue (empathy/compassion burnout). Our front line workers are stretched to their limits. Caregivers of every kind – supporting those with PTSD, dementia, autism, other mental health disorders, the medically fragile and more – are all at their emotional capacity. The overload of stress has caused many places of work to become more negative in nature.

We can work together to find ways to cope with each area of stress in your job.

In a session I will support you by helping you maximize and balance your energy – input vs output, and to learn to truly take care of yourself first, so that you can then care for your loved ones, or for those you work with.

A workshop for you and your group will include:

  • Introduction: what is compassion fatigue, psychoeducation
  • How to recognize it, warning signs
  • Its impact on: work & workplace culture, family & spousal relationships, home life, mental well-being
  • Breaking down the brain/body connection to compassion fatigue
  • The energy audit and its usefulness in recovery
  • Time for personal reflection and examination, worksheets
  • Coping, grounding & recovery strategies

150 minutes

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