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Personal Training

Are you wanting to lose weight? Do you feel stuck or unmotivated? Do past injuries and or your age prevent you from exercising? Do you feel intimidated by even walking into a gym? Does bad driving weather limit you from accomplishing your health goals?

We can help you with all of the above!


We offer a safe, private and comfortable place to exercise – AND – we come to you!

With a background in competitive sport and specializations in Advanced Senior’s Fitness, along with s PFMS – Pain-Free Movement Specialization, Steve can help you achieve your fitness and body weight goals. We offer a unique blend of professionalism, a trauma informed approach for those who choose it, and a solid nutritional consulting service that will ensure your needs are being met.

Each client receives their own tailored-to-you program to encompass all of their fitness goals. Our in-home training package allows you to remove any obstacles around mobility, and travel and caters to the convenience of each client who chooses this.

Reach out today to book a session to get started on the journey you may have been putting off for far too long. Actions speak louder than words, and we can do this together – with someone in your corner that cares about your success, and who is willing to go the distance with you.


For many in the aging population, mobility, functional strength, and weight loss are common goals. This training service allows a safe, confidential and supportive environment for all.