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Rachael Narozanski


I fell in love with yoga at Shambhala, a lovely little yoga studio in Singapore, while I was teaching French overseas. I discovered that yoga provided the opportunity to improve my flexibility and my strength – physical traits I had had as a young athlete, but found much more challenging to maintain as an adult.

Yoga also taught me the importance of meditation, or just taking the time to settle into silence long enough to hear my inner guidance. I took my yoga teacher training in 2016-17 through Buddha Rider in Collingwood. I look forward to sharing my love of this beautiful healing practice with you. Namaste!

And Essential Oils? I am a nature nut, and wholly believe in the power of healing through nature. The natural chemical compounds of essential oils can support our body’s physical and emotional healing process. They are an instant mood adjuster, and they smell amazing! I am currently studying Aromatherapy through the Aromahead Institute. Come and experience a Symphony of the Cells treatment!

Are you a beginner?

I am particularly passionate in supporting those new to yoga or using natural healing remedies. I know that it can be very difficult to begin something new, to trust it, to join a yoga class full of those who know what they are doing. In my one on one classes, you will feel comfortable and I will explain everything to you. If you are new to oils, I will explain – step by step- what we are doing and why to educate you and ensure that you are completely comfortable with the process